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Haddonfield Personal Trainer Jim Bompensa Give Versatile Fitness Gift Ideas For the Holiday Season.

Haddonfield Personal Trainer Jim Bompensa Give Versatile Fitness Gift Ideas For the Holiday Season.

The holiday season is here.  As many shoppers search their minds for unique gifts, very often the gift of fitness is on the list.  When I give gifts related to fitness, I focus on gifts that are versatile and will be utilized.  Refer to the list below for some great fitness ideas that will be useful to any recipient.  The list groups the gifts according to price and includes an explanation of their benefit and versatility. 

Gifts under $20

Dumb Bell
An exercise dumb bell is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment.  It can benefit any person who is looking to tone problem areas or can be used to increase the intensity of aerobic routines.

Resistance band
Resistance bands can be used to add intensity to any strength exercise.  They make fitness accessible anywhere because they are easy to transport.  These useful fitness tools can also be used to increase the intensity of aerobic routines.

Gifts under $50

Beginner Weight Set
Beginner weight sets generally consist of adjustable dumb bells.  They offer varying resistance levels so they are an effective tool for any fitness enthusiast. 

Exercise Stability Ball
Exercise stability balls are a very popular exercise tool.  They can be used for many purposes.  Some uses include increasing the difficulty level of abdominal workouts and providing an unstable surface to incorporate more core muscles when performing dumb bell exercises.  They also add to the selection of lower body exercises for any fitness routine.

Gifts under $100
Bosu Balance Trainer
Bosu balance trainers provide all of the benefits of exercise stability balls and more.  Because they are flat on one side, they offer the benefit of allowing the user to stand on the rounded side and create an unbalanced surface.  This added feature makes for more effective balance training and offers many more exercise variations.

Barbell set
Barbell sets generally consist of a long bar and a set of various weight plates.  This bar can be combined with the weight plates to create numerous resistance levels.  This exercise tool is extremely versatile and can be utilized to work any muscle group desired.

Gifts over $100
Weight Bench and Barbells
This gift will provide all of the benefits associated with purchasing a barbell set alone, but will also provide more exercise variations.

Elliptical Machine
Elliptical training machines are some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment.  They provide the benefit of aerobic exercise coupled with exercise motions that tone all major muscle groups.  The low impact motion allows for intense exercise without joint impact. 

Treadmills have always been an extremely popular gift idea for fitness lovers.  Treadmills are very effective for aerobic fitness training as well as weight bearing exercise.

For tips on selecting the right elliptical training machine or treadmill, please visit 

Good luck with your holiday shopping and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Haddonfield Personal Trainer Jim Bompensa Provides 10 Tips for Maintaining Fitness Over the Holidays.

Haddonfield Personal Trainer Jim Bompensa Provides 10 Tips for Maintaining Fitness Over the Holidays.

1. Exercise in the morning.
The longer you put off your workout, the more likely you are to skip it.  Avoid this common downfall by making your workout your number one priority.  Give yourself enough time in the morning to comfortably fit in your workout.  If necessary set your alarm early.  Beginning your day with exercise will increase your blood flow, warm up your muscles, rev your metabolism, and increase your energy level for the entire day.
2. Eat a great breakfast.
Create your daily energy reserve by eating a healthy breakfast.  Begin the day with whole grain, high fiber carbohydrates.  Whole grain carbohydrates will help you to feel full longer and act as a fuel resource that provides a steady energy release.  
3. Prepare for the day by bringing healthy snacks.
Whether you are shopping or going to work, you will inevitably get hungry throughout the day.  Make your choices in the morning when you are not so hungry. Consider bringing sliced apples or a banana to snack on when you are hungry. 
4. Stay hydrated. 
Drinking water throughout the day will help you to feel more full and will keep your body functioning at peak levels.
5. Avoid high calorie pick me up drinks.
There are many temptations for quick energy.  Unfortunately, most of these quick pick me ups are high calorie short term energy sources that will leave you flat. If you prepare your body with a whole grain breakfast, hydrate and keep healthy snacks at hand these options will be less appealing. 
6. Eat high protein foods for meals.
Higher protein meal choices tend to fill you up and carry less calories than their high fat and highly refined food counterparts.  If you select chicken, fish, or other lean protein sources, you will provide muscle building nutrients to your body while introducing less calories. 
7. Avoid heavy snacks.
Stay away from snacks and drinks that may carry high amounts of calories.  These include cream based foods, foods that include cheese, items that contain high amounts of sugar, and high fat meats and dips.  Consider steamed veggies, fruits, and lean cuts of meat.
8. Avoid high calorie soda, juice, and alcoholic beverages.
Sodas, juices, wine, and mixed drinks may easily carry 200 calories per glass.  If you drink four or five of these per day, you will likely gain a pound in just three days from these drinks alone.  Whenever possible drink water. 
9. At social gatherings, position yourself as far from the food table as possible.
Avoid making every social situation about the food.  Position yourself on the opposite side of the room so that each serving will require an additional trip to the food table.  Only take small portions each time.  Interact with as many guests as possible.  It is more difficult to eat when you are socializing.  Also if you do not hang at a table you will be less likely to take large portions of food.  
10. Add a 10 minute workout before bed if your calorie intake was extra high.
On particularly challenging days when you are not able to avoid as many holiday temptations as you would have liked to, consider ending your day with a quick workout.  When your calorie intake is higher than usual, you can negate some of those calories by burning them off before going to sleep.

Utilize these fitness tips for a guilt free holiday season!